Below is a selection of my work available online to peruse. Assignments that are not online have not been included in this list.


Cloudiway technical user guides, whitepapers and documentation

Client : Cloudiway

Job : Technical writing, proofreading, templates, translation, website, SEO

Overview: Establishing a suite of technical documents including user guides and whitepapers.

Sample link: Cloudiway document list and sample user guide PDF.

Audience: System administrators worldwide (majority in North America), plus web site visitors worldwide.

More info: I created a suite of technical documents from scratch, starting with template creation in MS Word and a style guide, then administrator user guides, whitepapers and ebooks. Also consulted on UX design and platform wording, website relaunch (rewriting existing website pages and creating new ones), technical FAQ overhaul and bug reporting.

Newsletter writing services using Mailchimp

Client : OVO

Job: Technical writing, newsletters, proofreading, web content, SEO

Overview: Monthly newsletters in 2015 and other writing and project work.

Sample link: OVO Network newsletter sample.

Audience: More than 30,000 newsletter subscribers worldwide, interested in French Alps holidays and local area news, plus website visitors.

More info: Other work for OVO included chalet owner user guides, project documentation from requirements through to testing, a phone app and training ski shop staff on a ski hire booking system. I worked closely with developers and teams on website development, chalet and ski hire booking systems, and a wide variety of internal IT projects.

Website translation services from French to English

Client : Snow Universe

Job: Translation, SEO

Overview: Website translation from French to English.

Sample link: Snow Universe.

Audience: Online shoppers wishing to buy ski/sports equipment from a well-established local ski shop in Manigod.

More info: Used SEO tools to verify English keywords and entered translated text directly into the Snow Universe CMS, adding links and images, as well as meta field descriptions for each page. Job completed earlier than expected.

Lifestyle and culture magazine article writing

Client : Insiders Abroad

Job: Professional writing

Overview: French travel articles for online magazine.

Sample link: Insiders Abroad magazine article sample.

Audience: Online magazine readers who are interested in travel tips and information from writers based at travel destinations.

Blog writing services for MadDogSki

Client : MadDogSki

Job: Professional writing, blog entries

Overview: Ski-related articles/blog entries for specialist website.

Sample link: Most recent articles list on MadDogSki

Audience: Ski enthusiasts, primarily from Britain, interested in reading about Alpine experiences, ski-related tips and opinions, plus reference material such as hotel reviews.

More info: Ongoing writing work every winter, including press trips.

French culture magazine writing and interview services

Client : My French Life

Job: Professional writing, interviews and articles, web content, SEO

Overview: French culture & lifestyle interviews and articles.

Sample link: Article list for My French Life.

Audience: Online readers interested in French lifestyle and culture.

Sports magazine writing services

Client : Natives – Tribe magazine

Job: Professional writing, hard copy magazine article (also online)

Overview: One-off seasonal worker article.

Sample link: Tribe magazine article.

Audience: Ski lovers interested in spending more time in the Alps.

fiction writing services by Wendy Hollands

Client: Long and Short Reviews

Job: Fiction writing

Overview: Short stories for romance fiction website.

Sample link: Summer Heat short story.

Audience: Readers of romantic fiction online.